Perhaps your piano needs tuning.....

Serving the Washington DC Metropolitan Area with over 50 years of combined experience

James Colwell


Alex Colwell


Piano Restoration

and Tuning

 We offer complete rebuilding services for the finest pianos with special attention paid to custom touch weight and voicing.  

We have been restoring pianos in the Washington, DC area since 1976. Jim is a graduate of Boston's North Bennet Street School, renowned for its piano technology department. He has serviced pianos in concert halls, embassies, churches, schools and homes throughout the metropolitan area.  Alex is a graduate of McGill University and has been working with his father on pianos since childhood. We can help you with your piano problems, whether they are simple tunings or thorough restorations. Specialties include: action reweighing for custom touch; voicing; installing new pinblocks, strings and new actions; refinishing and case repair. We can also assist with appraisals and help you find or sell a piano. Currently, we take care of the pianos at the University of the District of Columbia, Trinity College, embassies, churches, music schools and in homes of many local teachers and musicians.


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