Saignon Sunset                      oil on canvas                  $2000                

Gaze                         oil on canvas                              $1000

Magical Dirigible        oil on canvas          48X48            $2000
Memories of Francillon      oil on canvas         $650
Dusk in La Drome            oil on canvas              $1000

Moby at Niagara         giclee limited edition              $500

Red Queen          oil on panel            private collection

Merci                         oil on panel                       NFS

Tuscany                        acrylic on panel                     NFS

Mysterious Bean     oil on canvas                   $1000

Submariners              oil on canvas                            $1000

Crimson Vines                oil on canvas                                $700

Observatory, Mauna Kea         oil on canvas             $1000

Guardians of the Neighborhood    giclee limited edition     $800

Art Pianos

Blue Knabe                                      private collection

Jungle Steinert                     private collection

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